Friday, January 29, 2010

seven on friday.

* Dent has been flying solo on his litigation case. This has meant two things: great new experiences for him and also lots of working hours. I am lucky, however. I get to see him the most because I stay up the latest at our house. Although, our kitchen table switch has enabled him to eat breakfast with our children and he likes that. Did I forget to mention the kitchen table switch? Our dining room table is in the kitchen and our kitchen table is in the dining room. The one now in our kitchen (is this confusing?) fits our family much better. The one now in the dining room is way too small for that space and I don't really care right now.

* Job lists hanging down the street inspired me. I created one for both Cooper and Seneca, not expecting much from Beckham. Wow, won't make that mistake again. If the others get to do jobs, he wants to do them too! Each list has the things that are expected of them each morning, the things that I get tired of saying ten times. Now I just say, "sure, you're welcome to do that when your job list is done." so much easier (and more effective) than "sure, you're welcome to do that when your bed is made, you're dressed, your pajamas are put away, your room is clean, your teeth are brushed, you have shoes and socks on, your dishes are put away, the garbages are empty, the laundry is sorted, blah, blah, blah..." They love carrying around their lists and checking things off. Beckham jumps in and makes putting clean silverware away a parter-job and has taken over setting-table responsibilities. His little feet run like crazy straight to the placemat drawer when it's time to eat!

* Wade's brother Reid passed away three years ago this week. While this event is much more significant to others than to me there will always be a memory of a short time frozen while trying to digest the news. He was one cool cat and is ripping it up on the slopes of heaven, I am sure.

* We've been pursuing the opportunity to relocate our family for the past while and made great strides toward that end this week. We'll see how it all plays out, but it's fun to see progress. Denten came home after receiving good news and said that it was nice to feel that both faith and the attractor factor work well. I'm so glad I'm on this adventure with him. If you might be of assistance in helping us find a renter for our current home, Heaven will send you major blessings! And I will send you cookies. Maybe these from Brenda. They are delish. Especially with ice cream. I digress.

* I had a few great energy sessions this week. I am continually grateful for the knowledge that I have of this work and the changes I see in people's lives as a result. Positive changes have occurred within my own family as well as with strangers, and I love being a witness.

* After a few barefoot runs on the treadmill this week I received an email from Sara (sorry, I'd link you but she's private) inquiring about Five Fingers. After giving her my most convincing testimonial possible, she has them ordered and on their way. I'm excited for her, she's going to love them! Vibram should really hire me, I'm great for their business!

* Preschool, playdates, dinner with friends, a trip to the library, soccer, music class, train tracks, and lots of reading rounds out our week. It's months like these that I'm grateful I live in 60 degrees rather than the 2 that exist on the east coast right now. Life is lovely.


kimmalee said...

It does sound lovely. I love that Beckham has such great examples and is so anxious to help out too. What a sweetie. I'm excited to hear more about your relocation possibilities!

Jess said...

I love your lists. I think it's time we did that at our house. And good luck finding renters! I know how hard it is. I will send anyone I know in Arizona to you, if you will send anyone who needs a 2 bedroom in NYC to me. :)

Treona said...

From your list, I am interested in hearing more about your relocation plans. This news caught me off guard. Any chance you are considering DC as an option? :)

Jana said...

Hey, I actually have some really good friends moving to AZ this May/June. I don't know if they are ready to buy or not so I will tell them about your home. If you are serious. Let me know if you are. :)