Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Photo Parade: The Robinson's do Southern Utah

dad and coop at paragonah reservoir

getting up early to go fishing is exhausting!

the day's catch

grandpa dale

happy senny

don't you just want to kiss her?

grandma delores and beckham, the solemn observers

seneca in the one-year-old race

cooper, the quickest three-year-old in town!

check out that concentration! (yes, I caught it)

cooper and lexie. his hair was awesome this trip. no styling done for the photo.

classic grandpa dale

our family tree in horse valley. denten added two names for us this year!

dad and coop at the cabin

this girl would play outside all day

I think we were done with pictures at this point.


Scrap Happy said...

ACK! I am SO CRAZY about that photo of Seneca walking with Grandma! I'm imagining that in black and white somewhere gracing your walls...

Wade and Katelyn said...

So that would explain why I was never a fine fisherman, you a have to get up too early! I'm kind of digging the longer hair. I second Shellie on the hanging of the Senny/Diana photo. Lexie is cute! and Bex is getting so chubs-arific!

Kari Ann said...

I love the "family tree"!

Dave and Treona said...

Wow, those are great pictures. Looks like a wonderful family vacation. I'm sure many memories were captured with your pictures and sounds like some great family traditions were continued and perhaps begun as well.

I read your blog earlier about the Twilight series...I finished the series about the same time as you, and I also loved it!!