Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Monday

1. pigtails.

2. bottoms. Beckham smiles and laughs every time I change his diaper. especially the messy ones. I don't know if his little bottom is ticklish or if he just really likes to have a clean diaper, but it makes changing diapers not-so-dreaded!
3. ammon. After our sunday school lesson yesterday I wanted to read this story again. I realize that it would have probably benefited me more had I read the lesson ahead of time, but it is what it is. As I read this morning, I was reminded why it is such a great story with so many lessons. While I think Ammon was an amazing man, I don't think he had any magical talents. He had the same capabilities that the rest of us do. What I took away from it this morning is that he had such great and unwavering faith. He knew he had the Lord behind him and therefore didn't hesitate taking on this threatening group of rascals tormenting the sheep. He was completely confident in standing before Lamoni because he was sure of his faith and with whom he worked. If we are sure that we are working with Heavenly Father and that he's always got our back, there is no reason for hesitation or a lack of confidence. Go forward with faith. And, as brother sheffer so subtly pointed out yesterday, ammon was pretty darn good-looking. sure, it may be some artist's interpretation, but who am I to argue with a handsome man of God?? (I did marry one, after all).

4. patria. if you haven't checked out her blog, just do it. She and her completely darling little family live on the beach in hawaii. yes, it's paradise. the best thing about her is that her attitude about life reflects that she lives on the beach. she is light-hearted, yet deep-thinking. she looks at the world with such a positive light that it can't help but be contagious. while her life makes me want to live by the ocean, it also makes me want to see the good and the love in the world that surrounds me and make the most of it. her children are carefree and happy and beautiful, in and out. and her husband takes FANTASTIC pictures. his blog is worth checking out as well.
5. overheard: from the backseat... "ow!" what? "seneca bit my finger!" uh-huh. and who put your finger in her mouth? "I did." hm. maybe we shouldn't do that anymore. "ok."


Holladay Photo said...

Oh Amberly, YOU'RE the inspiring one! Thanks for the kind words.

Seneca's pigtails are really cute!

Lindsay said...

I love the little piggies!