Friday, August 22, 2008

Making up the Difference.

I've had a few good reminders this week that I want to record. I'm reading a new book by Hilary Weeks..if you're at all associated with Deseret Book you've seen it. They are not ones to shy away from over-marketing a product. I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, she's got some great thoughts and has an casual writing style that is easy to read. I've felt a little overwhelmed by a few things this week- nothing major, just being a mom and life in general. Scripture study is one of those things that is hard for me to be consistent with or feel that I'm doing enough of. Sister weeks gives a good, albeit cheesy, analogy:

Scripture study is like cinnamon. It doesn't take very much cinnamon to flavor a
whole recipe and make it taste good. It takes just a little scripture study to
make our whole day good. Heavenly Father knows we don't have hours to spend studying each day. He will magnify the effort we make. He will teach us and fill us with power as we dedicate time each day to studying and pondering his word.

That is very comforting to me.
I've also had days (namely, yesterday) where I felt I had hit my limit. You know what I mean. Done, had it. Love these children but gotta get away. Except that it's only 4:00 and dad isn't due home for at least three hours. Sister Weeks describes a few of these days and says,

Sometimes we don't have enough. We don't have enough time, energy, money,
patience, willpower, talent- you name it. When it feels as if we will never be
equal to the challenge, we can still be grateful for the little we do have....
He can bless us, magnify us and multiply us! He can help us be more and
accomplish more than we ever could on our own. When you don't think you can run,
walk, or crawl one more step, put things in the Lord's hands and He'll make up
the difference. He will give you the strength and endurance you need to finish
the race.

That's about where we were at yesterday. Heaven knew I was done. He'd been told several times that I'd had about all I could handle. He stepped right in and took over because I was seriously considering ditching this joint. A power beyond my mortal one took control and amazingly, we survived. Man, I'm glad I have a back-up. I'm grateful that I know I can call on my Heavenly Father and my angels and they're right there waiting. I think it's common for women to feel that they aren't enough, that they aren't measuring up to some ideal in their head. The fact is that we're all we need to be when we let Heaven's help in. We do all we can do and He'll make up the difference. It doesn't matter the issue or project- if it's important to us, it's important to Him. I'm grateful for that.


Amy said...

I SO agree with you. I love how our capacities can be expanded with a little help from above. What would we do otherwise???

Holladay Photo said...

Thanks for sharing Amberly...I will try to enter that frame of mind next time I'm ready to lose it (: I love the reminder that just a little bit of time in the scriptures is much better than nothing.

Leslie said...

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm heading off to the library today to see if they have These is My Words. It looks like just the thing!

I also appreciate this post. I especially enjoyed the cheesy cinnamon analogy. It was just what I needed to hear!

tenacious d said...

I'm glad that you were given what you needed to keep going.

Thanks for this post. The concept is one that we should know by heart, but sometimes it's so hard to realize that there are times when we're not going to measure up. Isn't that what the Atonement is for? But we forget that for parts of our life that we think we are supposed to handle by ourselves.

Love you, Amberly!

Croslands said...

Your so fantastic. I love how honest you are about the way we all feel sometimes.You are kind of like Super Woman so it's nice that some days your just normal like the rest of us.

Ashlee said...


Sandi said...

Have you noticed that when men get that way, they go to Home Depot, or hunting, or fishing, or anything that gets them away -- our only option seems to be a pedicure.