Tuesday, September 23, 2008

an outing and a milestone

Saturday we took advantage of being reunited with our dad and went to check out the Phoenix Children's Museum.

cooper taking his sister through the carwash. there really could not be a more perfect activity for this child. they both had a blast.

coop and dad checking out the instrument wall.

this happy child hit the 8 month mark this weekend. at eight months he is a completley different child than he was at 2 months. besides all the drool, of which there is an abundance, he is a complete delight to be around. he's sitting unassisted, crawling all over the place and debuted his latest trick yesterday of pulling himself up to standing in his crib. fancy trick, huh? not so much when you get up there and then can't figure out how to get down... yeah, that's a bummer. he's completely in love with his sister who indulges him on a regualar basis. she's mastered giving kisses and beckham is her favorite subject.

the relationship they share is proof to me that they were siblings before they came to our house. they can simply look at each other and start laughing as if they have a secret joke that we are not priviledged to. they are busy as can be, they can make messes in no time flat and the squeals of delight make it all worth it.
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Croslands said...

I like this blog. What cute kids. You've made me want to be there to see this relationship between your two babies.

Oh and I'm glad you've got your husband back.

Deirdre Eagar said...

Love Beckhams smile. And um...is he wearing a pink bib?? I think its time for a girls night at Cold Stone!!

Katelyn & Wade said...

How do I love the car wash? Has he made one at home yet? And how do I love Senny attacking Bexie with kisses? I would like to attack Bex with kisses.

Sandi said...

I adore the car wash picture, what a fun idea. If I had kids at home, I would make one at home.

Annika said...

Hearing you say Beckham is a delight gives me hope! Although Banks has improved, we still have a while before I can say he is, "a sheer delight". But he is getting fun and Beckham looks happy as a peach! I am so glad.