Saturday, September 6, 2008

How to Survive...

as a single parent in McCall:
1. make sure grandpa is fully established as a very cool guy before ever leaving home. I'm pretty sure his new toy wins him the title.
2. Make sure wetsuits fit.

3. And life jackets. That fully squish their faces.

4. Be prepared with milk at all times. Especially when out on the lake at feeding time.

5. Again, make sure cheeks are easily accessible at all times.

6. Provide plenty of sand for throwing, dumping on your own head and the occasionally tasting.

7. Keep this child close. He's good for a smile all the time.

8. Sand toys and endless hours on the beach.

9. Just give it to her. Whatever it is, she's gotta have it and she's gotta have it now.

10. At the end of the day, put the babies to bed and make cookies for heaven's sake!

We miss you dad!


Emily said...

Hey, I think our kids have it made. I remember our life jackets at that age went over our heads and the strap that goes between you legs always rubbed a raw spot that hurt like heck! Glad you're having fun.

Wade and Katelyn said...

well that was just cruel.

The Silly Witch said...

Wow I'd say hang in there, but it looks like you're more than just surviving!

Croslands said...

Cabin, cabin put up pictures of the cabin.

Love Beckhams cheeks!

Stephens Family said...

Oh, how sweet. Gotta love that beautiful McCall. : ) Send Boise some love for me on you way back.

MOM 2 TMSB said...

#11) Invite your friend annie so she can squish those cheeks and partake of the cookies. How did you miss this one? Dang cute kids for sure!

Sandi said...

When are you coming home? There sure are a lot of squishy cheeks in those cute pictures.