Thursday, September 25, 2008

my thoughts...

I am engaging once a week with girlfriends who are striving to better their lives and learn more about who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing while we're here. I'm grateful for these women and for their contributions to our discussions. This week my assignment was to discuss what we, as women, are on the earth to do.

This talk is terrific... really. worth your time to print and read when you find a quiet minute.

A few thoughts I have had while pondering this topic:

  • Our spirits crave to progress, and if we aren't moving forward we're not happy. Our spirits always know what is for our highest good, they know what is best for our eternal progression even if we don't always recognize those things consciously.
  • We have an incredible potential to influence. We are here to influence the world, not be influenced by it (especially in our homes). Satan never underestimates us, he knows we are at the heart of Heavenly Father's plan and he attacks the front lines.
  • The Savior "came not to be ministered unto, but to minister." If He came to minister, then so did we. What would change if you thought of your life as a ministry? This means asking, "why has the Lord brought me here today?" look for ways to build up people and the kingdom. Ask the Lord what he needs you to do today rather than work your own to-do list that may or may not have lasting significance.
  • Coming unto Christ means walking away from the world. We won't become perfect in this life, but we can become increasingly holy and pure. Pure in our thoughts, motives and desires.. in our actions and words. Pure in what we watch or take into our bodies. Pure in our hearts.
  • We choose holiness every time we put the Savior first and love him more than anyone or anything else. When we walk away from media that drives the spirit way, when we walk away from jealousy or unforgiveness. We choose holiness when we are good to ourselves and strive to see ourselves the way our Savior sees us.
  • We are much too hard on ourselves. We are amazing women with incredible potential and we only limit ourselves. If we could unleash the full influence of covenant-keeping women, the kingdom of God would change overnight.

We all have stumbling blocks that are preventing us from being the woman our Father in Heaven would have us be. What is one stumbling block you can rid yourself of in order to better your relationship with your Savior? What are you willing to give up? Is it an involvement with media that isn't good for you, a habit that is holding you back from being your best self, a grudge you haven't given up, a past incident that is holding you down?? It can be anything.... examine your life as it is now and make a small step toward the woman you desire to become by eliminating one thing from your life. Let it go.

The Lord promised that if we will ask, we may, "receive revelation upon revelation," but we have to take the time to ask and the time to learn how to hear. That's all I've got girls, I look forward to your thoughts!


Amy said...

Yeah! I love this post! I will tell you something I have given up these last few months & it has been fantastic. I decided that while I might love a good gossip magazine by the pool it was not something I wanted Zack exposed to. One day it just hit me. The magazine had some silly headline of divorce, cheating, unplanned pregnancy, a nasty know how the go & I just thought is there anything uplifting in these? AND is this what I want Zack to see me spending my time reading? It all needed to be cut.

I redrew where my line was of acceptable "entertainment" & while I didn't spend a significant amount of time focusing on those things I can say that that this small change has made a difference in my life.

Thanks for posting your thoughts.

Becky said...

This is such a great post, Amberly! Thank you for always posting wonderful, uplifting reading!

Susanna said...

Interesting thoughts. It's amazing how similar our feelings and thoughts are to other women. We think we are struggling to understand or conquer one failing or another, and we think everyone else already has. You've definitely sent me to bed thinking of things I can let go, and also things I can pick up and ways I can raise the bar. What it comes down to is returning to the basics. Finding time to search, ponder and pray lately have helped me a lot.

Leslie said...

Thanks for this post and for the great talk suggestion! It was exactly what I needed for a spiritual thought I was in charge of for my Primary presidency meeting. All the ladies loved it, as did I. You're

Leslie said...

Thanks for this post and for the great talk suggestion! It was exactly what I needed for a spiritual thought I was in charge of for my Primary presidency meeting. All the ladies loved it, as did I. You're wonderful.