Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prized Posession

Our Halloween package came from Gram this week. It comes every year and we wait by the door for the special delivery guy to show up. I should have posted its complete contents, but they have been devoured and scattered and amazingly, put away. Among treats, toys and festive clothing, these little numbers were included for the Senny.

We misplaced a favorite pair of summer jellies a month ago and it's been slim-pickins around here since then. Gram understood the seasonal trouble we fall into here where it's not quite time for lace-up shoes and socks, but a little late for me to justify spending any decent amount of money on sandals. Bless this Gram, these are just what the little lady needed. And apparently wanted because she hasn't taken them off, except to sleep and even then we have to sneak them off of her feet.

They've caused a fair amount of frustration as they occasionally get separated from her feet and she tries desperately to get them back on. I mean desperately. The sound of her voice and intensity of the facial features makes one wonder if her right arm fell off.

Thanks a million, Gram. We both think they're perfect.
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Kari Ann said...

Crocs are the greatest things since disposable diapers!

Scrap Happy said...


Joni said...

If I had a pair of those, I probably wouldn't wanna take 'em off either.

Wade and Katelyn said...

boy would i like to squeeze those little legs!

MOM 2 TMSB said...

I love a woman who can throw a nice strong "damn" out there. You pass the test of cool-ness. Oh, cute shoes by the way. I couldn't function without my and ivie's crocs.

kari said...

Those shoes are SO CUTE! I've never considered buying a pair until I read this post. Thanks!