Monday, November 24, 2008

monday- grateful week

I don't really like the notion of being grateful only once a year and thus have attempted to focus on my blessings during the past months, but it seems appropriate to continue to see the good around me this week.

  • I'm grateful today that running wasn't as hard this morning as it was last week, in fact, I almost enjoyed myself... thanks for the playlist annie, it is something special!
  • I'm grateful for children that play well together and entertain themselves when I have lots to get done.
  • I'm grateful I have an ambitious husband. It means he's away from us once in a while, but I'll take ambitious over lazy any day.
  • I'm grateful we're all healthy and physically able to enjoy life today.


MOM 2 TMSB said...

you are such a wisdom-packed little fire cracker. Thanks for reminding me that there's nothing too small to express gratitude for. My morning run (on the rare occasion that I actually attempt one) is not something that I've ever thought to be thankful for. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and I have a new song for you. Shut Up and Let Me Go. Seriously. Jump on I tunes and download that bad boy. It rocks!

Dave and Treona said...

Hi out there!! I stopped by your blog to catch some of your updates and am impressed with your frequent/daily list of gratitude. The lists were a reminder that it is often the simple things in life that improve our day when we can stop and recognize them as a blessing! Thanks for sharing the updates.