Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Fe

I've been postponing this post perhaps because I'm not sure what photos to post, so for now this is what you get.

Last weekend took Denten and I to Santa Fe for Denten's firm Christmas party. I was excited about this excursion for several reasons. First, a full two days with just Denten. Love my children and yet love the time away. Second, I was looking forward to meeting the people Denten associates with and the ones in the other offices. They have been so incredibly good to us. And lastly, I had never been to Santa Fe and was anxious to explore somewhere new.

The weekend was not a disappointment. We stayed at La Posada, which was fantastic except that the floors in our little room villa were tile. And it's cold in Santa Fe, which all adds up to cold floors. Denten suggested they provide slippers with their robes. But to counter that minor negative, there was a wood-burning fireplace in our room, just a few steps from our bed and that was awesome. I could go to sleep with a fire every night, I loved how cozy it made it feel and the sound of the wood crackling.

Friday we checked in and spent a little down time in our room before finding the firm offices in Santa Fe for a casual gathering involving decorating the firm tree and pizza. It was fun to visit with the attorneys and significant others and see the offices there- let's call them casual. Three old houses converted into the offices... the people matched the environment in that the stuffy law firm vibe was NOT present. Incredibly low-key and easy going. We went from there to the local theater to enjoy a movie before going back to our little abode.

Saturday we wandered around the plaza and city center, checking out the local wares, a few boutiques and lots of art galleries. That's my word for Santa Fe, artsy. The Pueblo indians line up around the plaza displaying their goods and were eager to engage in conversation with anyone who was willing. There were some fantastic galleries with beautiful photography and paintings. A quiet lunch and more wandering before we headed back for a nap and shower to get ready for the par-tay.
Saturday evening was spent with the firm posse, an eclectic group of 9 partners and 6 associates, numerous staff members and spouses. Mingling and dinner, lots of wine and funny speeches. They were incredibly welcoming to both Denten and I. It was rewarding for us both to see the effort they made to make him feel a part of them and to see how much they value what he has brought to their organization. I fully enjoyed an evening of adult conversation and appreciated the warmth with which we were received.

Sunday we enjoyed what this mother calls "sleeping in" before we headed back to Albuquerque for the airport. We found our home safe and clean, our children happy and healthy and Lindsay kind but probably ready to return to her own reality. Everyone should have weekends like that every so often. The best part? The conversation time with Denten. There were some good ones, a few to be shared later. It was a lovely time. Thanks Rothstein.


justinandjen said...

I wish I looked that great from behind!=) I'm glad you had a great weekend-just the two of you. Every couple needs those! Have a Merry Christmas. We think of you guys often!

JessK said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I hear Santa Fe is lovely, especially around Christmastime.

kari said...

How fun! Love those moments where it's just husband and wife. Thanks for sharing - glad you had a good time!