Thursday, December 18, 2008

Warning: My random thoughts.

  • My list of stuff to do has more crossed off than not... that's good news!
  • Christmas is officially a week away today but seeing as I'm leaving town in two days, that's the deadline, folks. Gifts are done, no further moola being thrown in that direction. At least by yours truly.
  • My bishop endorses my most productive method of burning calories lately. I haven't been running all week and I've been nibbling at all the goodies around... gotta do something to keep these treats from sticking! I have insider info that tells me my new bishop also appreciates the activity.
  • Cooper woke up last night and came into my room to tell me something. As he approached my side of the bed, he tripped and nailed his head on my nightstand. That's one way to wake us all up from the dead of slumber. He's got a minor black eye, but no permanant damage. He was originally coming to tell me that (his words, not mine) sometimes there are yucky juices that come our of our skins. Like our belly buttons. Try to make sense of that at 4 a.m. He had trouble settling back down so I went to lay with him until the whole yucky juices thing made sense as we made a mad dash to the toilet... a little dry heaving and all was said and done. Back to bed for everyone. Random.
  • He also got up to ask me if he had friends come over to sleep with him. Uh? I think the higglytown heros are in my bed. Ah. That show has not been on our television screen for months, so who knows where that dream came from.
  • We have purchased hats, gloves and slippers for everyone in hopes of keeping our appendages in tact next week. I can not possibly fathom what one degree will feel like. The hot tub sounds absolutely heavenly, but can I make it there without turning into an ice sculpture?
  • I'm so glad the sugar cookies, and baking in general, is done, but I can not make frosting like my mother. I know, it shouldn't be that hard, but I am challenged.
  • I have had a hard time all week remembering what day it is. Keeping track of the date was much easier when I was in school.
  • I pulled out Handel's Messiah today. Needed a break fom Rudolph and Frosty. Beckham appreciates it, not sure that cooper does. Seneca will dance to anything.
  • Dent has been rewatching the 24 series while he rides his bike in the evenings. I find myself sucked in even though I've seen it all before! I can't remember what happens and let's just be honest, Jack Bauer is not hard to watch. I don't feel the same about Keifer, but Jack? Mmm-hmmm.
  • I think I want to cut my hair. Short. Like easy, funky short. And then I have a day where my hair actually gets done and I like it again. Why are hair decisions a big deal?
  • Are you still reading? Bless your soul and (meant in the kindest possible way) get a life.
  • Christmas cards did not make the priority list this season. If you have been waiting by your mailbox for ours to arrive, go make other plans. You might have one arrive in a month or so.
  • My mom sent a box of fernwood chocolate mint sandwiches. Those are heaven in my mouth. How Denten makes his side last so long is beyond me.
  • I will never take healthy plump bottoms for granted again. Yeah, you read that right. A few nasty diaper rashes make me so happy for the days when a quick wipe is painless and cleans thoroughly. I endorse the Butt Paste product.
  • I have given Good Start formula a lot of business in the last 19 months. A LOT. The countdown is on as to when my trusty blender makes its last batch. Much to Beckham's dad's dismay, I have purchased my last can. At least for this batch of children.
  • I still love my double stroller this week. It makes a zillion errands fast and easy.
  • I gotta go now. That list I mentioned at the top of this madness still exists.


Aunt Debi said...

Amberly, you are great. We do what we can do and let the rest go. Enjoy those sweet babies, even when you think they aren't so sweet. It seems like yesterday when I would drive up to your mom's with my kids to spend the day. It's hard to look back and see how fast the time goes. Enjoy every day. You are so blessed.
I love you, Aunt Debi

Lindsay said...

so, what insider info do you have about our new bishop...malone, carter?? who...?
gotta love those days of randomness!

Long Family said...

Amberly, I love reading your blog! Your children are darling, and your "random thoughts" are so witty. I hope that you are doing well-Betsy

Wade and Katelyn said...

I need to get a life. And I apparently need to bring a few of my "beats" from the Lou for Senny baby!

Sandi said...

How in the world do we get so complicated. You do such a fantastic job of keeping it together. Oh, and speaking of random, I love your hair.

Joni said...

I don't have a life either. I read the entire thing and it was fantastic! Have a wonderful time with your fam in McCall!!

Lindsay said...

dont cut your hair.

tenacious d said...

remember when you cut your hair that summer you were away from NYC? That was so adorable! You can really rock the gamine look.

bryn said...

i love random lists. good luck getting everything done and have a fabulous holiday!

Miss JoAnn said...

Okay, its official I need to get a life. But its nice to take a break from the crazy kiddos, right now I only have one extra kid and he and Jayla are entertaining themselves and John is shoveling snow off the deck, so youre it for my entertainment. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Nancy said...

isn't it great to have such a busy, full, life?

Angie said...

Your posts are delightful and make me laugh. We call the yucky skin juices "tummy yuckies" at our house. Hope they don't stay long... Merry Christmas!

Stephens Family said...

I agree 100% about Jack Bauer!! Keifer and his DUI, not so much, Jack Bauer and his "don't worry...there may be 100 terrorist ready to kill you but I am here, so it's all cool!"....yah, that I like. : ) Anyone that can run, slide and shoot all at the same time is worth watching.

Kari Ann said...

It's okay if you join the ranks of Valentine cards instead of Christmas cards. You won't have to share the mailbox!