Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Whenever there are major events covered by the press, I am drawn to the television. I want to see the action, I don't like to miss anything. Today was absolutely no exception. I had a project planned that would have taken me upstairs and away from the tv, so I rearranged my plans. I wasn't able to watch the inauguration live, but when I got a chance I revelled.

I liked being home, able to hear the words clearly and have a perfect view of the proceedings, but I also longed to be there. To feel the electricity, to be a part of the energy and the cheers. Denten says I would have gotten hypothermia, which is highly likely, but how fantastic to be a part of that crowd. I was envious of those friends on the east coast able to travel to see such a marvelous event. Erin was there... I'll live through her today.

I didn't expect to be emotional, but I was at one point. I couldn't help but imagine a very similar scene years ago when Martin Luther King, Jr. stood at the opposite end of the mall and had a vision that I was seeing unfold today. I think so many things about today were wonderful. I am excited about the changes that are coming for our country and the fact that I am at a point in my life that I can understand and witness them. I'm excited that a man with such vision and clarity is running our country as my children are growing up. They are going to see amazing things in their lifetimes and this is a great start. Obama is a man who understands respect and honor and accountability. Those are values that I'm proud to be associated with and am grateful my children are able to witness.


Katelyn & Wade said...

Amen sista. His optimism spurs my optimism. Yes we can!

Holladay Photo said...

What a day! I stumbled out of bed to get ready so I could flip on the TV and watch it live from Hawaii. I thought I'd listen to most of it on the radio on my way to work, but I was riveted to the TV and couldn't leave until I'd seen the swearing in, heard the speech and the poem. Couldn't help the tears from spouting. Now I just want to wish the First Family plenty of rest because the times ahead will be taxing and exhausting I'm sure. I am so glad we're taking the journey with them though....Patria

citymama1 said...

It is an extraordinary time. I love the unity the country feels now.

Becky said...

Great post! It was a wonderful speech!