Tuesday, January 13, 2009


  • I had a great energy session this morning with a new client. There were interesting things that came up that were new to me. Some of the issues that came up were things that needed to be cleared for both of us. I am grateful to be able to facilitate this work and assist in blessing other's lives. It always ends up being a blessing to me as well.
  • We had a great appointment today in an effort to explore future preschool options for Cooper. I'm grateful for the opportunities for our children that are emerging in our area.
  • All three of my children slept for 2 1/2 hours this afternoon.
  • Shellie delivered a great meal to our door, something all the kids could eat easily. It made dinnertime go smoothly this evening.
  • Cooper, Seneca, Beckham and I went to the Phoenix Art Museum this evening after dinner for a high school art show to support one of the young women in our ward. I forget what a spectacle we are when we travel with the double stroller out of our little children-filled world. It was fun for Coop and I to talk about the different exhibits.
  • Ashlee's mom is in town and has once again come to my rescue. She's fixing the poor alterations job the dry cleaning lady did on my jeans. When the jeans cost a significant amount of money, they have got to fit well. Bless Sister Oler.
  • Denten made a cake on Sunday evening. It's been just over 48 hours and it's almost gone. How did that happen?
  • My dvr has 4 hours of 24 waiting for me.


Amy said...

3 kids sleeping for 2 1/2 hours in tandem is about as good as it gets. What a day!

Kristi said...

Oh - 4 hours of 24 that were totally AWESOME!!! Okay, I know we haven't kept up like we should, but what are you doing for work? What clients do you have? Please fill me in! All children napping is such a blessing!!!