Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ironman: the spectators

Our little ones were complete troopers. They were up early and not home until late and yet were very pleasant all through the day.

Grandma did hair while we watched the swim.

senny hair

we ate breakfast on the go.


beckham waved and held out his hand trying to get a high-five. a kind gentleman finally humored him on the run course.

bex wave

we occupied ourselves with paper airplanes, games and snacks.


we attempted a group shot... in attendance were wade's mom and dad, denten's mom, my mom (taking the photo), katelyn and tessa, lindsay, cooper, seneca, beckham and yours truely.

spectators 2

we got to know our little cousin tess all over again. mostly these two just loved each other.


cousins 2

cooper found friends at every pit stop. he ran and ran all day playing with other spectators. he did take a few short breaks to watch his dad fly by and ring the cow bell. beckham ate as much as anyone would give him. seneca snuck drinks that did not sit well in her stomach. grandmas watched children and cheered on our boys.


it was a huge blessing that denten's office building was about 20 paces from this photo spot. the little ones took a 2-hour nap. we had clean restrooms and access to a fridge. it was a blast, really.


Joni said...

I love the group photo...and how cute is Seneca sneaking a drink!? :)

tenacious d said...

That looks like it really was a fun time for everyone. How's D feeling today?

Anonymous said...

looks like Seneca was thirsty :)