Friday, December 18, 2009

a few thoughts

unrelated to being sick or christmas:

answer this: wouuld you have a problem with your child's teacher taking her class to Hooter's during the course of a school field trip?

- the class is made up of 11 and 12-year-olds.
- no, it's not an adult burlesque club, no, you don't have to be 18 to enter.
- she claims there was not another place available to go and feed a group that size.
- she has been suspended from her position.

thoughts on this?? would you support her being suspended, or are you wondering what the bid deal is?

answer this: do you use soap or body wash in the shower?


Katelyn & Wade said...

what the??? inappropriate. order pizza. suspension? no. but a stern warning and a 'what the freak were you thinking' would be in order.

body wash. it's not as drying. and you can buy lots for cheap at costco.

Joni said...

I agree with Katelyn. A little inappropriate, but not worth throwing the teacher out. And I use body wash and soap. I just go with what i feel on the given day.

K said...

I don't think hooters is a terrible place, but I'm not sure I'd want my 11-year-old going to lunch there. I don't think the teacher should be suspended, but she does need to know it wasn't appropriate.
We only use body wash.

Steph said...

Hmm, thats tough. We're educators. Also have a son getting close to that age. Is the suspension permanent or for a period? I think there should definitely be a consequence...families trusted her with their children and she used (in my opinion) very, very poor judgment.

And soap, only because we got loads of it (oatmeal) with our water softener.

Emily said...

Not appropriate at all.

Soap or body wash: I use whatever is available in my shower at that moment, which is sometimes Johnson's Baby wash...usually I'm just totally excited that I'm getting a shower!

Jana said...

If it was my child that went there, I would be upset. Punishment for sure. Even if it isn't that bad of a place, (I have never been there), it has a reputation of being a certain kind of place!! Not smart teacher.

And I use soap and body wash. I like to have choices each day. :)

Jess said...

Here's a thought: if she's taken them to Hooters, what ELSE has she considered appropriate? It also shows a lack of preparation. She should have researched her options or told the kids to bring a sack lunch.

And soap. It's what I used growing up, and I'm a creature of habit.

tenacious d said...

Funny story about Hooters and 11-year-olds: We're driving around Murray, Utah, trying to decide where to have brunch. We're over by Fashion Place Mall, so someone jokingly says, "Let's go to Hooters!" And my darling little stepson, Max, who was 11, said, "Why would we want to go there? Who would want to eat owl meat?" Of course, all the adults laugh, but his big brother, with two years more exposure to the world said, sotto voce, "You guys don't even know what hooters means."

But I digress. Going to Hooters demonstrated poor judgement on the part of this teacher, for more reasons than just the cheesy double entendre that is the whole place. Suspension? Yeah, sure. Maybe for a couple of days, just to emphasize what a bonehead move that was.

Body wash v soap--depends on the day.

kimmalee said...

Yeah, so very inappropriate. What was the lady thinking? REALLY was there absolutely no other place to take her young students? Not a strip club, true, but not an appropriate place to take kids if only because of the stigma associated with it. Seriously lady. I'm with the others. Suspended, maybe not, but reprimanded yep.
I'm a body wash girl. Mmmmm.

Amy said...

I have to say if it was my child & the teacher thought it appropriate to take them to Hooters for lunch, I'd be livid for several reasons. First of all, it tells me either she is a complete idiot or has about zero judgment...neither of which bode well. Second of all, it shows she was completely unprepared. Third, I don't want my kids exposed to that, especially at that age, where they are still awkward in those social situations. geesh...I feel bad for both the boys & girls who had to sit through a lunch with boobs in their face.

Is it just me, or is that totally awkward for those kids?

Anyway...I use body wash. Soap is harder to clean off your showers & tubs & I like to make that job easy. Plus, you have better smelling options!

Anonymous said...

Whose teacher did that?

Body wash for sure!

Annika said...

What an idiot! Poor judgment call for sure. I actually love the body sugar scrubs from bath and body works. The vanilla is AMAZING and your skin feels so good and you smell nice too!

Croslands said...

Hooters? I don't know. I guess if my son were involved then I would probably freak out a bit. Although I have been to a few of the Hooters restaurants and thought "what's the big deal? I thought these ladies were supposed to have big boobs?" And they didn't.
And for your next question. SHOWER GEL, my husband is a pure bar of soap type guy. The bars freak me out a bit. I feel like I'm rubbing someone else's sweat, stink and pube's all over me. Gross.
So I was brutally honest. If you need to delete this comment feel free.

Leslie said...

Haha! I like Kimber's answer. I pretty much agree with everyone else on the Hooters question. Inappropriate? Yup. Suspension? Maybe. Would I freak out if my kid was invovled? Maybe a little, but I think I'd be more annoyed that the teacher wasn't better prepared than ticked about the kids eating at Hooters. Like someone said, if she's not prepared in this situation, what else is lacking in the classroom?

As far as the soap question goes: Body wash all the way.