Monday, December 14, 2009

the Man in the Red Suit.

Last weekend my littles had the grand (or torturous) opportunity to meet Santa.

Cooper is over the fear and appreciates what the Man has to offer. He was excited and a little shy when his turn came. He was careful to whisper (at a distance) what he wanted for Christmas. Good thing his mother was present as that particular request had not yet been fulfilled. it has now.

cooper santa

Seneca is not shy. She does not, however, understand the significance of the Big Guy. She was happy to chat with him and pose for a photo. She does not know how to answer the question, "what do you want for Christmas?" I believe it's because she really doesn't care. She's just happy to be a part of it all. If only that could last forever.

senny santa

Beckham, however, could be called wary. His little lip was on the verge of quivering and his eyes were very large. Skepticism at its highest. I kept telling him that it was ok and this was fun... he thought I was crazy, but it staved off the tears long enough for a photo.

beckham santa

kids santa

We have a Christmas elf visiting our home for the month. He leaves a little surprise in our advent calendar each day and returns each night to report to Santa what he sees around here. Each morning when he comes back, he's in a different spot in our house. Sometimes he's great motivation for being on our best behavior! I pretty much love Santa to pieces. I believe Beckham will feel the same come Dec. 25.


Jana said...

I love little Beckham's face in the last picture. SUCH cute kids!!!!

Jess said...

Love it! Emma is finally getting the hang of Santa this year, though it took until the 3rd visit for her to sit on his lap. Don't you love the happy ignorance of little kids? Makes Christmas shopping so easy!

The Hunt's said...

bex's face is HYSTERICAL! he's trying so hard not to cry!

kimmalee said...

Man, that little face is so funny! I also love the Christmas elf tradition. That sounds like fun.