Wednesday, December 23, 2009

what I did.


I complimented at least twenty-nine different wedgit towers, each one being significantly cooler than the last.

I laughed while denten wondered who in the world the people were in half of our Christmas cards.

I listened to Handel's Messiah.

I laid on the floor and played happy trains.

I went through our budget and moved what needed to be moved to be balanced and ready for next year.

I played Christmas songs at my piano while my children sang and danced around.

I had a nap.

I laid out lavish dreams about my future to my husband in various emails. He was quite agreeable.

I listened to little voices ask for a "cookie" about 78 times.

I wished that I had more toffee from Sara because, man, that stuff was good.

I played "this little piggy" about 57 times on the most darling little toes.

I had an incredibly intelligent discussion with Seneca regarding the logistics of wearing underwear. We'll see if it had any impact this weekend.

I loved that we had no where to rush off to today.

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Anonymous said...

i'd love to hear about your lavish dreams about your future :)