Thursday, January 7, 2010

seen and heard

my life:
heard: Cooper asking over dinner, "mom, you're getting old, aren't you?"
seen: seneca headbanging to christmas music that cooper insists on playing.
heard: quiet. water running. little voices.
seen: seneca sitting in the bathroom sink coaching beckham to hand her everything under the sink so it can be washed.
heard: "boap {boat}," "airpay {airplane}" all day long.
seen: the exterior of mom's bathroom drawer painted and colored so pretty with the make-up found inside.
heard: denten trying not to gag as he cleans up vomit from crib sheets.
heard: cooper, in the midst of his sick spell, thinking it would be cool to have a tunnel-like contraption that went from his bed to the toilet "just in case I don't make it in time."

heard: cooper wishing that leaves fell from the sky like rain.
mom wishing he could remember the place of his birth and what true autumn is.

seen: so proud of themselves for finding little seats and surprising mom when she came in.

seen: two cute little bottoms in the bathtub.

seen and heard: these two taking turns racing cars down the track at the children's museum.

heard: beckham finally saying "bampa" on the phone and making grandpa's day. they have a thing for each other.
seen: 85% of kitchen cabinets cleared out, wiped and organized. 2 full garbage bags, 4 sets of dishes to sell and several items for goodwill removed.
heard: "I ready to try again!" from seneca several times a day as she is asked to sit on the stair for a few minutes.
seen: beckham emerging from the playroom diaper-less. more than once. beckham wanting to use the potty. mom finding him sitting on the potty with a little puddle out on the floor and bex with a stumped look on his face as he examines his manhood and trying to figure out how that happened.
seen: mom doing her best to keep up with these little ones.
heard: lots of laughing. it's the only way to take the unexpected around here!
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kimmalee said...

I don't know how you keep up with them. They sound so busy! Senny and Becks sure are a cute little pair.

Anonymous said...

i love how Beckham and Seneca are best friends!!!

i love when you do "seen and heard" posts!

Jana said...

So cute. I love posts like this.

Annika said...

Cute post idea.

The Silly Witch said...

You have a good life. Especially the part where you managed to clean out 85% of your kitchen cupboards. Awesome! And you have a husband who cleans up vomit. You're very lucky.