Thursday, February 11, 2010

a new level

We think we're moving (just across the valley). We attempted to keep it on the DL for a while and though nothing is official yet, it's also not a secret anymore. Part of this process is renting our current home. We've had it listed for a few weeks and have had numerous inquiries. I have a deep level of respect for those who have had their house on the market and have had to keep it presentable at all times. My home has achieved new levels of clean in the last month. I don't like to think that we are normally sloppy, but there are things I notice when someone is coming to view my home that I probably wouldn't care about otherwise. Having people stop by every other day combined with my dejunking process has done wonders for my house! I almost don't want to leave it. Almost.

My kids are getting great at understanding that cleaning up means really cleaning up. After mealtimes they put their own dishes in the dishwasher, and get the dustbuster out to take care of any crumbs on the floor. The playroom is sorted and while disasters still strike, they are put away easily. Cooper's room has been clean for a week which is a serious personal record. He does not see the value in folding clothes and putting them away after taking them off yet, but he's getting there. He's taking pride in keeping his room "perfect" and I love it. Seneca makes her bed with no wrinkles just in case someone might come see it. I realize it's sad that it takes the possibilities of future tenants stopping by to keep things picked up and put away, but it's difficult to maintain that level of tidy when these little ones are moving from one project to another so quickly!

Speaking of the little ones, Seneca is something else. Whenever someone comes to see the house and Seneca happens to be awake and around, she turns into little miss chatty. "this is my snack!" "do you like my apron?" "do you want to watch me dance?" this is said as she is already twirling around the family room. Good grief. No, the house doesn't come with the little girl. Or my treadmill or my piano. Seriously? You think I'd leave my piano? no, people.

This process has increased faith and patience and given me an opportunity to practice trusting that He knows what's supposed to happen here. It has brought Denten and I together in new ways and we talk about the things we're excited about and the things that cause concern. And it's kept my house clean. That's the really important part. We don't know what will happen in the next month, but whatever it is, we'll roll with it!


Ashlee said...

I am proud of you - staying calm and carrying on! I hope it all works out how you hopes and quickly too!

Jess said...

Good luck with everything! I know all too well what it's like to keep the house show-worthy, and to look for renters as well. Hope it happens quickly for you!

Kari said...

LOL....wait the piano isn't attached to the floor? WHAT? I thought all rentals came with pianos!

Still chuckling about that one. What prompts the move?

Erin said...

When we moved from Mesa it took six months to sale the house, we learned some new habits that keep even our current home clean, every time we left the house we had to have it perfect, just in case someone stopped by, which they did alot...SO even today though the house isnt for sale, I always think we cant leave it a mess! Good luck!