Friday, March 26, 2010

climbing. (edited)

Beckham came into my bedroom this morning at 6:24. no one had gotten him out of his crib.

he displayed his new trick again today 2 minutes after I had put him down for his nap.

he helped me get the screwdriver.

Beckham is the proud new owner of a doorknob that locks from the outside.

I am open to alternative suggestions if they do not require me losing my mind, because that is not an option right now.

edited: come to find out, daddy helped the little guy figure out how to escape his current sleeping arrangments, you know, "so he wouldn't get hurt," and then daddy left town for the weekend. hmmm. brillant plan.


49 Warren Ave., Tuckahoe, NY 10707 said...

I highly suggest a crib tent. This little contraption saved my life. Good luck!


The Silly Witch said...

crib tent. Good luck! Or mattress to the floor. I did the latter with my kids; it saved money and gave me peace of mind.

brenda hatch said...

I read somewhere before that people use crib tents. Someday I'll get one of those!

Annika said...

My client and my sis in law both own the crib tent and it has saved their lives!!!

Sandi said...