Wednesday, March 31, 2010

pretty random: moving week

I accidentaly grabbed a fork to eat my cereal with this morning. That's how tired I am. Another sign I look haggered? At 6:30 this morning, the clerk at the store asked if I was just getting off work. Ha. I wish, that would mean I could go to bed, right??

I have completely loved this place, but I am very much looking forward to quiet nights. The kind with no car alarms at 4:30 a.m. The kind where I don't have to have a conversation with my drunken, incredibly loud neighbor at 1:30 a.m. asking her to please turn down her music. She and I will probably love each other in heaven, but it is best for our relationship if I move away.

Reviewing budget and financial stuff, I have found that in order to keep focused on the positive, I need a few gratefuls:

-I am grateful we are in a position to purchase this house and for all the help getting us there.
-I'm grateful closing costs were much less than we originally anticipated. Major bonus.
-I am grateful Denten has a steady job with a reliable income.
-I am grateful that D's student loan payment was lowered this month.
-I am grateful that he gets reimbursed for all of his travel. That's a major chunk out of our auto budget each month and it's nice to see it flow back in.
-I am grateful for bonus energy sessions that bring in unexpected money.
-I am grateful for coupon shopping. I haven't been doing it, but I am looking forward to being excited about it again! How's that for a positive affirmation!
-I am grateful for friends who are willing to be hired for cleaning and carpets and painting. It's nice to trust the people in my home and give the business to great families.
-I am grateful for family that is going to come help me move. This isn't actually happening, but perhaps if I throw it out to the universe, a miracle will occur!
-I am grateful I have a busy day. Although at some point a nap is going to sound incredible.

over and out.


tenacious d said...

Hang in there! Personally, I don't like the process of moving, but it is fun to start from scratch in a new home.

kimmalee said...

I love your gratefuls. The positive focus on little things is really inspiring to me. Good luck hon. Moving is hard. Especially with three kiddos, I'd imagine!

Emily said...

I love it. Hope that your miracle of family coming really happens! I love those kind of miracles! And even if it doesn't, it made me smile the way you said it!

Annika said...

I'm glad to know that other Mom's go to the store at early hours because it is just easier than hauling the children! Good luck on the move and best wishes.

Amy said...

I've been so in & out of blog reading that I was surprised to see your post title in my googlereader tonight. I *knew* you were planning to move, just didn't realize time would fly so darn fast.

Best of luck in this big change!

Erik, Ashley, Soren & Svea Nilssen said...

Hey, we aren't family, but we're here to help! Please call me so I can watch kids or send my big guy over to help move stuff.