Tuesday, March 23, 2010

seven things

1. The Harlows are leaving our ward. I'm sad they are leaving, although, so am I so we wouldn't be neighbors anymore, anyway. Jayme has been a fun friend for me with a different perspective sometimes that is refreshing. Her children came to play this morning and they are great. They are polite and kind and they are good listeners. Cooper and Josie decided they needed to write letters to each other, the kind that come in the mailbox. So glad that kind still exist.

2. Have you thought about Mother's Day yet? Joete's Playground is holding an online auction and will have awesome things up for grabs. It will be up and running the week of April 19. This is where you want to spend your money this year! Tell you husbands, brothers, fathers, children and all others who drop moola on this holiday! Don't worry, I'll remind you.

3. We finally have a moving date... you were wondering if it was really going to happen, weren't you?! I kind of was. Well, it is. Next weekend. Now comes coordinating cleaning, carpets, painting, loading up and transferring life from this location to that one. Now that it's real, I'm a little anxious to just get going, but there is a pull keeping me here. Maybe a couple of pulls. Maybe if they would just move too, it would be easier to leave!

4. I had shrimp tacos for dinner that were yum. Maybe I will make them for my new neighbors someday. That would make them like me. I also received awesome recipes from Ashlee this week. Maybe I will cook more in my new house. A girl can dream.

5. Seneca sometimes pretends she is in distress and Cooper comes to her rescue. This happens at home, in the backyard, at the park, in the store... wherever. She suddenly calls out, "help! ayudame!" yes, she calls for help in spanish. it's hilarious. She also corrects Beckham when he says "thank you," and insists that he says "gracias," instead. If I mistakenly respond with, "you're welcome," I am instantly reprimanded. "Da nada" is the appropriate response.

6. My kids love being outside. They spend the majority of their day out there on a regular basis. I'm grateful we live in a place they can enjoy pleasant weather much of the year. I wonder if they would like to play outside if we had snow on the ground. Cooper would, the others I'm not so sure. I'm excited for our new yard. It is heaven to me and I hope they feel the same.

7. I feel like I have laughed a lot lately. Some things I laugh at are genuinely funny, some are probably ridiculous. We watched, "Have you heard of the morgans?" last weekend. It was silly, a little cheesy, but I laughed out loud several times. Denten fell asleep (that's how good it was) and I kept waking him up when I would laugh. I have also laughed at Wade Eager lately. I just think he's funny. Those two are some I truly hope to stay in touch with and see periodically after we move. And... Did you watch 24 last night? I laughed out loud, a few times. No, it's not a comedy, and Denten kept looking at me funny, but Chloe was so hilarious to me. I also laugh at Katelyn. She had funny things to say about the health care bru-ha-ha. and I laughed at exercise class this morning at Shellie after a reference to sex was made. Perhaps I'm just easily amused these days.

that's all for now. oh, and I don't think fresh and easy cookies are very good. I'm sure my posterity will want to know that someday. We have tried a few varieties and I am yet to be impressed. My creme puff, however, will be delicious later. good night.

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