Tuesday, March 9, 2010


it’s been snowing for two days straight.  makes for soft stuff on the mountain.  cooper took a lesson this morning while dad and I skied.  we picked him up after lunch and took a few runs with him. 

His report card :  “Cooper did well this morning, he’s turning both directions and can control his speed by turning and using his pizza to stop.  He needs to work on leaning forward (not back) to have good balance.”  He got an A+.  Someday that might mean something to him.

with grandpa


taking us down the “roller coaster,”  his favorite run.

IMG_4711 IMG_4713 IMG_4715

I love skiing in soft snow.  I love when my hands and feet are warm.  I love feeling the muscles in my body burn in new ways.  I love that my dad will give me new skills to work on.  I love feeling like I’m improving.  I love that this activity was totally enjoyable to me today.  I love that Cooper has a blast and can’t wait to go again.


IMG_4723 IMG_4722

And in case there was any doubt that this one felt left out, let it be gone.  Gram found princess garb and played it up all day.  Bless her soul.


Aunt Debi said...

What fun for Coop to play with Mom and Grandpa all day! I'm go happy you can get up to McCall and let your parents love up those kids! I'm sure you'll have fun too!

kimmalee said...

Sounds like you guys and your kiddos had a fantastic day. So fun to have individual play time.

Annika said...

Love it when it snows up there. it is like magic!