Thursday, April 8, 2010

all sorts of random

today I am grateful for:

- functioning appliances.

my family room carpet shows EVERYTHING. I am realizing how great the carpet was in sophx... it hid a lot of dirt! I love my vacuum and the fact that my carpet is now clean. although, that is a monstrous piece of carpet to vacuum.

I am grateful to have a functioning washer and dryer. they are modern conveniences I would not want to do without for very long. I also appreciate the invention of the microwave.

- I am also grateful for repairmen who show up the same day I call. I have been grateful for this every day this week.

- I am grateful that my children do not know how to fully tell time. They are all going to bed early tonight.

- I am grateful for fantastic weather.

- I'm grateful for pest control guys. we have all sorts of good stuff here!

- I am grateful for a functioning vehicle. we've spent a lot of time in it lately.

- I am grateful for fresh and easy. it is not intimidating to shop there when I have all my kids with me. for some reason it is exhausting to me to go anywhere bigger.

- I am grateful for cooper's cute face.

- I am grateful that I do not normally live in this current state of exhaustion. I could seriously just sit down and fall asleep at any time. This is not normal for me and I don't appreciate it very much.

Things I could use my angels' help with:

- organizing the pantry
- finding a place for my crock pots
- finding places for the piles of stuff on my kitchen counters
- lining my bathroom drawers so I can unpack in that room
- unpacking the den
- getting the laundry room put away
- helping beckham sleep normal hours
- putting $100,000 in my bank account
- hanging pictures on my walls
- getting my printers connected and functioning
- creating about 5 hours of time for me to sleep
- putting away toys. someone ought to take pity on my children. I figure if the toys are still packed in boxes, they aren't making a mess in my house!
- find the rest of my clothes
- find my cookie sheets
- find coop's music bag
- unpack my shoes

Right now I love that my children are in the backyard eating cookies from the neighbors and pushing each other on the swings.

how's that for random?


cheryll said...

great to know you are enjoying your self in air clean and fresh.

Katelyn & Wade said...

crock pots? as in plural? there's your problem sister! and when you find the angel that deposits 100 g's in your bank account, send him my way!