Friday, April 16, 2010

a good friends day.

** note regarding previous mopping post: that IS a new mop! Denten bought me "presents"... he came home with an industrial-sized dust mop and this thing. The little sponge mop doesn't even come close to cutting it with this floor. The mop is a beast... it's heavy! but it helps my floors sparkle. and mom, I'm all for a maid! Bummer there isn't a "maid" category in my budget!

On to today...

We found our new library today and then hit the park. Just so happened another ward was having playgroup and we jumped right in. One of the kids also attends Cooper's new preschool and after getting over the initial shyness, they had a ball together. Coop has been asking to have a friend over every day, but has had trouble remembering the names of his playmates at school. He was in heaven today with someone his own age to run around with. We will definitely have to make that happen more often.

Shellie just "happened" to be in the neighborhood today. That has happened a few times and Denten thinks it's hilarious. Somehow we've still managed to see each other a couple times a week and I hope it never ends. After spending an hour scheming about my house, her career, children, school, projects and such, she went on her merry way.

Then I wandered to my new neighbor's house to find Cooper who had been whisked away by two boys next door. I spent the next hour visiting with my new next-door neighbor and watching our children run and play and splash in her pool. She is absolutely no Shellie, in fact shellie would probably die if she saw my neighbor's house... but it was nice to get to know each other, compare notes on the kids and this new area. Her boys are great kids, fun and polite. She is a super resource for all of the home projects we've got in the works. There was a slight bit of discouragement knowing that no matter how great a person is, it takes a lot of time to develop a completely comfortable relationship, but it's reassuring knowing that we are connected in our desire for the best for our kids, the things we love about this neighborhood and fixing up an old house! And, it's a very good thing to have someone that I can borrow a cup of sugar from, when the time comes.


Scrap Happy said...

Okay so what up with your neighbor's house? Is it stuck in the 80s worse than yours is, or is it so beautifully finished and decorated I'd drool all over the floor?

Nancy said...

just saw the pictures of your new house. how exciting!

awin said...

the true best friend is ourself, coz in every man there’s bad n good side live together in one body and understand each other. They never be separated n won’t leave each other. Nice blog amber, I added u in my link, would u add me too. Thanx.