Tuesday, April 6, 2010

progress is occurring. counter tops are being cleared, I can see a little more floor, furniture pieces are moving into their proper places. painting is done. servicemen are scheduled to come the rest of the week.

I was thinking today about my goal for the year of being more organized. this moving adventure was supposed to help that, and it will eventually, but when I was smack dab in the middle, order was hard to find. I spent time today on the tasks that help me feel that things are running a little more smoothly. Tasks that help me know exactly where my money is and how much of it still exists. Tasks that help me know what is scheduled and what still needs to be done. I feel much calmer when there is order.

Seneca painted again today. In the garage. the floor, the play car and the tricycle seat. the painters get a kick out of her, calling her the "little painter." they all sought her out to say good-bye before they left today.

I way overestimated what I could accomplish this morning. Went back to the old house to pick up a few last things and run some errands and completely ran out of time. had to be back to get coop to his first day of the new school. oh well, we did what we could and the rest will get done sometime. cooper likes his new preschool, or "club" as they call it. he's so anxious to meet friends, I hope this does it for him.

I'm still sleep deprived. I can tell especially when I'm driving and it's all I can do to keep my eyes focused. But this is feeling a little more comfortable and I think seneca finally is getting the fact that this is our new home.


Sandi said...

Glad to hear all this report. I think "club" is what all schools should be named, it is much more friendly sounding.

Sandi said...
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Katelyn & Wade said...

i am praying coopster makes some new friends! i just know he will! who wouldn't want to be friends with cooper?