Saturday, May 22, 2010

saturday swimming

beckham went off the diving board today about 50-11 times. that's a lot. I watched kids jump off the board for the better part of an hour, after we had already been swimming for a while. it took seneca a while to warm up the idea, but once she did, she was unstoppable as well. cooper had already gotten out and dried off, but couldn't resist jumping back in after dad started doing cannonballs. one could have gotten dizzy watching them jump, paddle to the side step, climb out and do it again. over and over and over. I finally left them to see what I could round up for dinner knowing I'd have hungry little ones on my hands when they were done. we've been swimming every day this week, giving a short lesson to the two little ones and having coop practice his swim team stuff, but saturday swimming with dad is different, and always a good time!


Torey said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday.

Scrap Happy said...

I need a POOL.