Thursday, June 17, 2010

magic fairies, please!!

friends coming over swimming tomorrow, more friends coming saturday and my house is in NO condition for company! in fact, it looks like all we've done all week is come here to eat and sleep between swimming lessons, swim team and other summer outings!

it's ok to ask for miracles even if they are over trivial matters, right? I'd like a few magic fairies to come and clean this house for me so I can enjoy saturday morning with my family. I'll be gone a good part of the afternoon and evening, so feel free to come on in and get to work! floors need to be vacuumed, swept and mopped, especially the kitchen. bathrooms cleaned. I'm actually ok on laundry, so don't worry about that one.

I'm not kidding. I'll leave the back door open in case sneaking in through the walls isn't one of your magic tricks. Cleaning supplies are in the laundry room. If you happen to have an extra few minutes, you may blow the leaves out of the pool area... that would be great!


oh, and do you have friends that grocery shop?? I've got a list and am not sure when in the world that is going to happen...


Mandy said...

If you provide list and $, I will do shopping for you. I work on that side of town in the evening and it is actually a goal I work with G on (shopping from a list, communicating with others in community). I even have time tonight or tomorrow if needed.

Emily said...

Ask and ye shall receive!