Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday morning

“it’s fast sunday tomorrow.  you know what that means, right?” I asked.  after giving an inappropriate response I corrected him.  “no, it means you get to get breakfast while I lay in bed.”  oh, that’s what it means.

so he snuck out of bed when he heard the little ones and busied them for a minute and then snuck back in bed next to me.  a little bit later I peeked one eye open to a happy little grin, “hi mom!”  beckham.  “I lay with you?”  sure, come on up.  he talked to himself and played in my sheets while I inched closer to denten.  a minute later a hungry little girl came in and joined the bed.  denten and I joined forces, not letting any little bodies between us as I enjoyed squeezing their little selves and kissing faces all over.  “tickle me, mom!”  everyone was rolling all over and tickling, kissing and laughing until the little miss got serious about the fact that it was time for breakfast.  I finally released my grasp on their dad and they raced out of the room to follow him to the kitchen.  I had a few quiet minutes before my oldest big boy tip-toed in.  he is especially affectionate these days and smothered my face with kisses and climbed in bed with me to tell me about his dream last night.  we talked about the difference between wishes and dreams and whether telling one or the other really makes them not come true.  he let me hug him until his dad called and said his breakfast was ready and as I laid by myself once again I thought:  I can find a lot of things to complain about during the course of a day, but when it comes down to it, life is pretty near perfect.


Croslands said...

Mmm I love those moments. And we need them to make it through all of the others. But what I'm really wondering is....why didn't you post the inappropriate comment so we could all laugh?

Tutz said...

Yeah, You have a great life. I'm glad you recognize that and that you enjoy it. Life is Good.