Wednesday, July 21, 2010

in my head.

1. whew. mccall has been blogged. told you there were a lot of photos. I still haven't learned to do that well... I realize multiple posts for one vacation is excessive, but it will be easier if I ever get around to scrapping this event that the photos are already there for me!

2. I've got visiting teaching on the docket this morning and then need to pick up a few things for the boys' rooms. Beckham went to the bathroom in the toilet twice yesterday- he's so ready to be potty-trained, I've got to get it together! first step is to get him out of the crib, so we're working on getting his bed up this week.

3. Our backyard has greened up nicely the last week. Extra water did the trick, except in a few really dead places. Dent has been working in the yard after work and it's coming together. He's off to Supai for the rest of the week. Cooper said maybe we should move there if that's where dad has to work.

4. This work trip snuck up on me and I had the thought that I don't really have a plan if he weren't to come home. Yes, this is morbid. What if the helicopter went down and I needed to go see him... who would I call? This would not have been an issue in our previous neighborhood. There was an army there that would take care of my kids. I could call Emily, but she's about to have a baby... really, any day. Em, have you had a baby yet?? I could call my visiting teacher- that's what they are there for, right? There are women in the ward I would trust, undoubtedly, but they don't know us super well and have their own busy lives. I could call one of the girls home from college that has stayed with my kids before. I suppose we've been pretty independent thus far over here. I'm sure the helicopter will fly just fine, but I feel like I need a tentative plan if for some reason I had to leave quickly. Note to self: keep the house clean in case someone needs to come in and take over!

5. I've been dreaming about different places in my house and what to do to improve them. I've got a few fun ideas, now just a little time and moola would come in handy! Tile in the kids bathroom is next on the list... have I mentioned that before, because it's been next on the list for a long time! I think I finally found what I want- miracle. I have an idea for one of the walls in our house but I think it will require a few trips to thrift and/or antique shops. I've never been a thrift store shopper, but it's a good reason to go exploring.

6. I sleep incredibly well in my own bed, especially when I'm super tired. I'm kind of hoping for another nighttime lightening storm... those are very cool in this house. the lightening lights up the whole place, I love it.

have a lovely day.


Emily Malinka said...

the world will know when this little girl makes a debut... until then, call me if any helicopters go down!

Scrap Happy said...

My house is practically on the way to the airport, come on, you know you're covered.

eryka said...

You can always call me. I can drop whatever. Let's just pray everything is okay! I think that's the best plan.

Ali said...

I can't tell you how much I LOVE thrift shopping...ask Em & Annie!!! I wish I could come down & thrift shop with you!!! Congrats on the grass...I hate trying to bring it back to life, but when it's green, its SO beautiful!! Good Luck with no safe Denten!!