Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day, low-key style


hmmm.  these treats are delicious!



emily and amberly.  emily is about to have her second little girl.  I think if I can not have my own baby right now, this is the next best way to do it.  Have the across-the-street neighbor have one, then I can sneak over between feedings and steal her for a while.  I get to hold a sweet little baby and still sleep through the night… perfect!


cute little elsie.  we LOVE elsie at our house.  my kids can’t get enough of her.


dad lighting it up!  note:  what percentage of people in this photo appear to have nose issues??



my little wizards.

senny2  IMG_4187

our s’more and sparkler party was followed by watching fireworks from the roof.  all in all, a great low-key way to celebrate our freedom.  along with cooper’s prayers all day long that included phrases like, “please bless the flag, that it will have strength.”  and “please bless us celebrate our country’s birthday.” 


Amber said...

Low-key is good sometimes ;o)

DaNae said...

What kind of spell is Senny casting? (I live in a house full of HP fans)

Emily Malinka said...

maybe I will come drop her off at your door at 4 in the morning just so you can really feel like you have a newborn again!

Just the THREE of us said...

I love your hair in the above picture!