Thursday, July 1, 2010

six things

1. we got some audio books at the library yesterday. I was thinking two full chapter books would occupy cooper for at least a week during quiet time. wrong. he got through both of them yesterday. both. so much for that idea. at least he liked them. I have found that while our little library is nice, it does not stock all that I desire every week. I've got to be on top of requesting items ahead of time so they are there waiting for us.

2. I solicited my facebook posse for song suggestions as I revamp my running playlist. It's been fun to be introduced to new music, as I am not entirely up to date on that scene. throw your favorites my way!

3. I have had a lot of thoughts on barefoot running lately and need to dedicate a post to some of the things I am learning. I'm convinced it's the way to go, even at longer distances (though I am not there yet).

4. I have spent several hours this week cleaning and organizing and my children are easily entertained with empty boxes, although I think they keep trying to trap beckham.

5. I am back to going to bed hungry. I thought it was getting better, but this week I have left denten on the couch early a few nights to go to sleep as I figure I won't feel hungry if I am asleep. a few weeks into fitness challenge I feel a difference, however. I feel stronger and have lowered my body fat percentage again this week.

6. the bug guys come today and it's high time. I've disposed of two scorpions in the last couple of weeks, one in my bathroom when I was barefoot. for some reason bugs are way scarier when I don't have anything on my feet. and if I happen to be naked. seeing something scary in the shower is the absolute worst, although that hasn't happened recently. also, have I mentioned what cooper compares scorpions to? he found one in beckham's closet and said he knew it was a scorpion because it looked like a lobster. sure, that makes sense. so he watches out for lobster bugs. ick.


kimmalee said...

Ew Lobster Bugs! They really freak me out! I'm with you. I feel much more vulnerable without shoes on to combat the little monsters.

T. Bateman said...

I need to look into barefoot running. I saw a man running down the street the other day with no shoes. Initially I thought he was running after someone and that he must have forgotten his shoes. And then he just kept running. I realized he was doing the barefoot running thing. To me, this is crazy, especially on the sidewalk - it's way to scary about what somoene would step on. And I can't see how it's good for your muscles without the support of shoes....but you have peeked my interest and I will try to look into it. Happy running.