Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wind, running, dance, privacy.

- we had some major wind and rain come through quick last night. I wish the rain and thunder would have lasted longer, but the wind did significant damage in it’s short lifespan. the yard is a disaster, although we were lucky to not lose any trees. I love summer storms.

- Denten gave me a turn to go running outside this morning. He’s been training with a group of guys who are hardcore. they go running or biking 5 days a week and it’s intense. twelve miles is an easy, during-the-week run, saturday they busted out 21. and they’re fast. I’ve been relying on the treadmill for my runs, but I prefer being outside. He told me to go run by the canal today because that’s what the cool kids do. I liked it. It was a little cloudy and breezy and the sun made all kinds of cool colors in the sky when it was rising. I have been pushing my pace this week because the pregnant sister doesn’t want to be embarrassed by me in Bar Harbor next month. I’m not fast. I’m ok with that, but she’s not, so I’m working on it. I mean, if I had more pride it might bother me that my younger and pregnant sister is going to kick my tail, but I don’t, so it doesn’t.

- I registered Seneca for dance class yesterday. We went to meet her teacher and turn paperwork in and she was beside herself that she couldn’t stay and dance immediately. I consoled her by saying that we had to get her special pink ballet slippers first. The giddiness was genuine and adorable. Jumping around in a tutu with slippers on with her friends is pretty much heaven.

- I’ve been thinking that more needs to be documented as to our daily goings-on and my thoughts about stuff that the world (you) probably doesn’t care about or that I don’t care for you to know. Shocking, I know, coming from the girl who appears to have no privacy levels at all. But there’s stuff. Stuff that needs to be written but not necessarily read so I’m toying with the idea of another blog or online journal of sorts that’s just for me. Trouble is, I don’t want to have to update and maintain two of these babies. hmm. for example, no one really cares to read about the fact that dutch got new tires last weekend or that I finally cleaned my car after denten said, "I thought you said you were never going to let our car look like this." it should be noted that our adoption certification should be complete this week, but it doesn't need a whole public post. I've already written much on my thoughts regarding cooper and school and the current situation versus what I wish it was- 99% of it will never be read by anyone because it just shouldn't, but it needed to be written. stuff like that. in my head, of no consequence to anyone else.

- Bex is totally ready to be potty-trained. He’s practically doing it himself and being so patient for me to get on board. I think I’m ready too, but we are leaving for the Labor Day weekend and I might want to wait until after travels. Speaking of travels, I think I have five little trips planned in the next three months, which is awesome to me. I love having getaways to look forward too. And two are kid-free… yippee!

- I’m reading the princess academy by shannon hale. It’s ok so far, I’m ready to dive into the Hunger Games series, but want to wait until I have all the books so I don’t have to wait between them. I couldn’t find the second one at costco a while ago… better check again.

- I need the fall line-up to begin. There is zero good tv on right now and last night I had an abundance of clean laundry to fold. We settled on America's Got Talent for a few minutes. My critique? If that what talent is these days, we are in sad, sad shape in this country. What a waste of air space. My dvr is sad and empty, give me the good stuff!!

- fresh vacuum lines on my carpet make me happy. so do little feet running all over. can’t have both for very long!


Lindsay said...

Senny in dance lessons. Kills me! I want to come watch SO bad!!
Why don't you write posts about personal things you want to remember and just not publish them. Katelyn gets a book published every year from her blog and the book includes things from unpublished posts as well. Then you have a record of them, but not everyone else...
did we figure out airfare?

The Hunt's said...

Ahhh, I wish Tessie and Senny could dance together! Imagine the glorious site in their matching tutu's.

I was just going to tell you what Harriet just did. Write the stuff down, just don't publish it. It stays there in your post line-up, it just isn't put up on your blog, I do that now and again.

And seriously, I am SLOW.

Steph said...

Smart on the Hunger Games series...I can't get my hands on the final one and its driving me nuts. Love catching up on your cute fam.