Monday, October 11, 2010

fall break: monday

I laid in bed until 6:30.  that is sleeping in and it was great.  took care of breakfast, laundry and cleaned bedrooms.  trip to the zoo with my three plus cute elsie and darling ava.  animals, picnic, merry-go-round.  a car full of happy sounds; laughing, teasing, singing.  terrific naps.  writing sentences.  play-dough.  riding bikes outside.  senny and beckham have mastered the two-wheeler with training wheels.  dry cleaners, bank and redbox.  pick up milk and eggs.  dinner outside.  more bike riding.  ending with movie night, folding laundry and awaiting dad’s return home.  I could get used to fall break!

1 comment:

Aunt Debi said...

Boy, Amberly I don't think I know anyone that can get things done like you can!