Thursday, October 28, 2010


Beckham does not appreciate the peanut component of Monster Munch. He will consume his entire portion of popcorn and leave me a little pile of peanuts.

Seneca believes the best thing about candy corn is using them to stick in her teeth to make fangs. She has a very spooky voice when she threatens to eat me.

I am not sure who invented candy corn, but he and I have very different palates. G.R.O.S.S.

I visited another preschool this week as I was contemplating throwing Bex in the mix and trying to work out what would be best for the two littles. I am not an educator by profession. Not even close, so I'm not sure where my expectations come from, but I am not easily satisfied. I would have never guessed that one of the biggest stressors in my life this year would be related to my children's education. It has kept me awake at night far more than any other issue. While it stresses me out sometimes, I am completely grateful that I do not have bigger things to worry about in my life right now. I know I'm blessed. I really do.

It's a little chilly outside in the mornings these days and my children insist on getting out there as soon as possible. I insist on shoes. They like to pretend I don't. Today I told Seneca and Beckham that they were welcome to play outside if they kept shoes on their feet. As they tried to sneak out the door, I added that if I saw them without something on their feet, the princess skirts would go up high and be gone today. That stopped them both in their tracks. Yes, they were both wearing princess skirts and shoes have not been an issue today.

A month after first beginning potty training, I can say that I don't even think about it anymore. He runs in there when he needs to do his thing and despite my best efforts in trying to get him to sit down, he stands on his little tippy-toes, reaches over the edge of the toilet and gets it in there. That's what dad and Cooper do, after all. There is no more potty laundry, no wet beds, and no more diapers... yipee!!

Cooper has been interested in the basketball court lately and is not satisfied when I say I can see him from the window. He wants his audience giving him full attention, outside next to the court.

I've been working on Halloween costumes this week and I will admit that I am one lucky woman that my children do not have high expectations. The admiration for all of you who make your own every year and have them looking fabulous has grown 100 fold. I must admit that I just don't care that much! What will be, will be and I am completely ok with it.

We have been out of butter all week. Butter! Of all things.

I've decided that running up and down the park lawn passing a soccer ball back and forth with Coop, trying to defend his goals and then helping little bodies across the monkey bars over and over and over constitutes a very admirable workout. I was sweaty! They were sweaty and we all slept well.

Dent has been super busy at work lately. He came home early enough to carve pumpkins with us last night but I'm afraid we'll pay for it for a while as we'll probably all be asleep before he arrives tonight. Late nights are a bummer, but I'll take them over unemployment any day.


Scrap Happy said...

Let's see those carved pumpkins and the so-called handmade costumes, shall we?? Oh, and I HAVE BUTTER, just come get some - oh, wait.

Amberly said...

oh please. how much do you think has actually changed in six months?? there are no handmade costumes at this house! I simply tried to 'put together' pieces and that is enough for me!

Kari said...

my fav comment was about the butter! We were out of butter last week and heaven forbid i get in the car and drive 2 miles to albertsons to get some!