Thursday, November 4, 2010

“shallow” blessings?? pah-lease.

Some have commented this week that their '”gratefuls” are shallow, or thoughtless.  I say phooey.  If it makes you happy or makes your life easier, or is a blessing to you in any way, then count it!  That’s the commandment, right?  Count your many blessings?  It doesn’t say only count the big ones, or the really important ones.  I mean, who’s to say what a big blessing is anyway.  So forget about seeming deep and philosophical and just be grateful for heaven’s sake!

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  days that do not require me leaving my house.  well, except for a bike ride with the littles.  the opportunity to get a run in, clean my shower, vacuum, read stories and work on fun new business ventures.

2.  my backyard.  the hours of happiness it provides.

3.  unexpected checks in the mail. 

4.  pebble ice.  you may mock, but I’ve been grateful for at least 7 cups today.

5.  tissues.  I’m grateful I’m not a pioneer and have to use a handkerchief on a regular basis.  We have been through a lot of tissues around here lately and I am grateful they can be used and the disposed of.  I’m hoping these poor little noses are on the mend!

bonus:  and while we’re on the subject of the pioneers and stuff they didn’t have, let’s give a shout out to feminine hygiene products, shall we??  Can you imagine life without them?  Soooo glad I don’t have know what that’s like!


Emily Malinka said...

new business ventures... that sounds exciting!

Nancy said...

I am grateful for the feminine products, but I bet you weren't the day Denton took one out in church!

Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for the little things.