Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Aunt Lindsay,

Thank you for my crocodiles, they are super cool. I sleep with my little stuffed one every night, in fact it's starting to come apart a little because I love it so much. My mom is grossed out by the crocodile eggs hatching on our kitchen counter, but Cooper and I think they are awesome! I accidentally dropped my egg before we put it in the water, so mind is hatching faster than Cooper's. Mom really does think they are gross, but she figures they won't last forever and she likes how excited we get when we come to check out our eggs. Thanks for bringing us such cool stuff from Australia. Maybe could I come with you next time you go? I'm pretty sure I would love to see a real crocodile!



Annika said...


Lindsay said...

Aaahhh... Isn't grossing out your mom the best!? So glad you like them. Hopefully the crocodile doesn't come to life and want to live in your swimming pool all summer!