Friday, January 21, 2011

He’s Three!!!





Dear loved ones,  you sent all the right things and we have been enjoying them all day… thank you! 

Dear loved ones (again), if you happen to be sending stuff in static-y styrofoam packing peanuts I would like to request:

a) please warn the mother ahead of time so all said peanuts may be disposed of before three-year-olds find them.

b) save money and just send the peanuts. 

This kid is a complete delight.  He’s pleasant and funny and sweet and darling.  We are lucky, lucky ducks!

And tell me the cape isn’t awesome.  It is awesome. 

I should take credit, but it was merely my brilliant idea.  Sister Malinka made it all come to pass.

And just for the record, Beckham is still oh, so delicious and I can’t ever get my fill.


Aunt Debi said...

The years sure do fly. What a darling boy in the cape! Happy Birthday B!

Scattered Brain said...

Sorry, We forgot to send you a birthday wish this year. This crazy sickness has clouded our brains. Hope you had a great day.