Thursday, January 13, 2011

what’s happening

I have a sickie.  I might have three on the verge.  It definitely took over my body and if I was an actual employed working woman there would have been at least one sick day taken this week, maybe more.  But, alas, this mama needs to function.  The boys are teetering with coughs and the occasional sore throat complaint.  Miss Senny had a rough night and is feverish this morning.  She’s happy to take it easy and Beckham thinks he’s ready to navigate preschool on his own.  I have been grateful for essential oils, Halls citrus throat drops and the priesthood in the last 24 hours.

Denten has two trials today.  I wonder if that means that when today is over we will see him again.  I should ask, but you see, I haven’t really seen him.  Chances are that all this prep work for today means that other work is going to need some serious attention when today is over.  It was nice to say hello to him at midnight last night.  He appears healthy- perhaps staying away from us this week is all part of the plan!

I am working on making a miracle happen for our family.  I have petitioned Heaven’s help and have done all up to this point that I have been prompted to do.  I have not been able to see how it is going to come to pass yet, and have hit what could be considered roadblocks, but I am ever-so-hopeful.  So much so that occasionally I catch myself dreaming about what it will be like when everything is in place and get cautious about being too hopeful.  But let’s be honest… I’ve had disappointment in this area before and I’m using all the hope I can get to make it happen this time.  I am very excited about the possibilities.

Energy session and parent-teacher conferences today.  Otherwise, this household is taking it easy!


tenacious d said...

You've done everything you can, so I have high hopes for your success.

Tutz said...

You seem to come through on the miracles when you say you will. With energy, oils, prayers and priesthood, you have all the essential makings for a miracle. Sorry they are sick. I hope you stay healthy. Mothers are not allowed to get sick, you know.
Love you.

Emily Malinka said...

oh Amberly, love ya girl... wish I could do more to help you out in your times of need!