Thursday, February 17, 2011

I didn't ignore yesterday on purpose. I just didn't remember to blog my loves until after I had hit my pillow, and as much as I love being consistent, I loved my pillow more.

Yesterday was non-stop. gym, shower super fast, preschool, drive to phoenix, drive home, pick up preschool lady, drop them at emily's, race to tour yet another school (disappointment), home to ready the miss for dance class, pick up from dance, breathe for 30 minutes, off to soccer practice, home and straight to bed. In the midst I was working on arranging a few classes on essential oils that I have coming up. It was an exhausting day.

This morning was much of the same, just different places to run. I was happy to have the afternoon at home, although I really wanted a nap and that just can't happen when service guys are in and out and needing me. We are the proud new owners of a functioning water softener and purification system and an RO system in the kitchen. Denten came home feeling crummy today so while it's a bummer he's under the weather, it's nice to have him around.

I must now go quiet the monkeys in the living room, have them pick up the family room, read and get them to bed and then eat something, I'm hungry! I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a slower day, my body needs it and my house needs it!

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Nancy said...

wow i've been reading your blog on the igoogle rss feed, just saw your new header! Love it!