Friday, February 11, 2011

I love my people.

Miss Senny came out of preschool today with her lip quivering, trying to hold it together.  She melted when she saw me.  She said, “my face hurts, mom.”  Miss Kerry said she was exhausted and that she had a headache.  I felt so bad for her seeing as today was their Valentine Party and Seneca had been looking forward to it all week.  She came home and had a good nap and is taking it easy.  I’m grateful for oils that have helped her fever go down and her little body relax. 

Beckham, on the other hand, bounded out of preschool in true Beckham fashion, exuberant and excited to tell me all about his treats.  “I’m not sick, mom!”  Good thing, buddy.  He also had a good nap and was glad to see Cooper home when he woke up.  Beckham is all about hanging out with his brother when he can.  They love playing the Wii together and get so loud and excited.  Beckham is just a bundle of sunshine all the time.

Cooper came home and requested a game of chess before the little ones woke up.  We played cat and mouse and then he beat me at checkers.  I’m glad his little mind is learning to think strategically-  I know in the long run that kind of thinking will benefit him far more than me drilling flashcards or pushing worksheets, although sometimes I can’t help myself.  I love when Friday rolls around and we have him home with us all weekend.  We have our first soccer game in the morning, Coop and I.  I’ll need more help than he will, no doubt. 

Denten has been trying to duck office drama for the past few weeks, although he keeps getting cornered by a woman in the office because she feels comfortable venting to him.  It’s amusing to hear about, but I’m sure he’ll be glad when it all dies down.  It’s a small office with two- too many caddy, overly sensitive females.  He has been consistent with his swim training as the half-iron is coming up the first part of April.  Tomorrow he’s slated for a long bike ride then a half-marathon.  I’m grateful for his motivation to do his best in his events and to push himself to get stronger and for his desire and ability to balance work, training and time with us.  He has made it a point to be home early a couple of times this week and that is major for me.

I made it to the gym this morning without any nausea, thank heavens.  Friday morning is my favorite class- it is a combat class that combines muay thai, karate, kick-boxing and other martial arts.  I know, you picture me throwing down a guy and laugh out loud, but it’s such a great class and I was grateful to feel good enough to push it this morning.  I have been terrible at having dinner planned and prepared ahead of time this week, downright terrible.  Thankfully Denten is patient and is helpful creating something healthy and delicious when he gets home.  He is most certainly more creative in the kitchen than I am and puts great flavors together.  I, however, am excellent at grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast burritos and anything from the freezer for last-minute meals.  We have people coming over tomorrow for dinner, so at least he’ll get a good meal once this week that he didn’t have to do all himself!

People on my mind this week: 

*Baby Syd and Emily.  Sydney was in emergency care this week with unexplained symptoms and no matter what kind of mother you happen to be, that is scary business.  I’m hopeful she’s on the up-and-up. 

*Kate, Bode and Tess… and Wade, I suppose.  No offense to Wade, but I’ve been thinking about the first three making adjustments to their new daily life and the balance that Katelyn is finding.  It’s a balance that I still struggle with today- making sure each child gets the time and attention they need. 

*Lindsay and Joete’s.  I’ve been working on confirming donation baskets for our Mother’s Day auction and I want it to be everything Lindsay hopes it will be.  I want her to feel it is a great success and that the money raised can fund the projects she intended when she created this organization. 

*Ashlee and her crew.  Being majorly pregnant and sick and still needing to run a household with two busy boys who are home all day long is not a fantastic combination.  She has her priorities in line and I’m sure that is what has kept her sane, but I’m grateful to hear that she’s feeling a little better and I hope she can get the things in order she desires before her little miss makes her debut… I’m so excited for her to be a part of the Miller family!

*Kim.  She has a darling little toddler and her husband is gone all week working then home on the weekends.  Kim is a wonderfully supportive and positive wife who makes it a point to use her time well to get through her week with her sanity in tact.  I have been thinking about her and hoping that her weekend with Glenn is wonderful.


tenacious d said...

So, Amberly...what's this with the nausea?

Amberly said...

oh, I wish! if pregnancy was the reason, i'd be thrilled. it's not, but don't think it didn't cross my mind!

tenacious d said...

Well then, I hope that it leaves you alone soon. It's just useless nausea then.