Thursday, March 31, 2011

a combobulated collection of stuff around here.

* Beckham has been telling me about his dreams lately.  They are hilarious.  He has been on a rocket ship several times and goes to visit a city in space.  He woke up one morning, came right into my room and said, “mom, I do not like the snakes in the holes.  I just like butterflies like Seneca.” 

* Speaking of the little miss, she has been especially whiney this week.  I finally told her that sound was hurting my ears and she would have to use that voice in her room and her big girl voice when she was with me.  It’s working but man, that sound is like a patience-sucker!

* Cooper has been student of the week this week.  His class made him a book today- they each drew a picture of him and wrote something nice about him.  It’s funny what Kindergarteners think are compliments. 

* DoTerra has kept me quite busy this week as well as rounding up gift baskets for Joete’s Playground auction coming up.  I love both of these endeavors, they are projects that are satisfying to me but can be exhausting when combined with my daily life.

* It was over 90 degrees today.  It’s like summer hit us smack in the face overnight.  I loved it but am not fully prepared with summer clothes for all the kids.  I don’t think Seneca has a pair of shorts that fits her.  I do not feel like I have time to shop for new summer wardrobes right now but it seems the weather is going to adjust my schedule for me. 

* We’re off to Oceanside in the morning for a 1/2 ironman race Saturday.  Packing for the beach is a much different experience than packing for McCall and three days is a lot different than eight. 

*  This is the time of year to live in Mesa.  The orange blossoms are a completely heavenly smell.  However, that usually means there are other not-so-lovely things floating around in the air that get to my eyes and nose and make life perfectly miserable all spring.  Cooper and I have both been using our oils to combat our allergies and have had awesome success.  I take mine in capsules and he drinks his in water and man, I’m grateful we don’t have to deal with runny, itchy symptoms for the next few months.

* I’m off to eat and pack and hit my bed.  Lovely weekend, all!

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tenacious d said...

Have fun in O-side! We will be up at the Warrior Dash in Lake Elsinore.