Sunday, March 6, 2011

good things.

* Denten survived his mega-ride yesterday despite his 4 a.m. departure and fueling issues.

* Our soccer players came to play this weekend!  They had a great time and did much better passing and keeping the ball in control and despite the rule that we are not supposed to keep score, my team informed me that we won 7-2.  And it was sunny and warm, that in itself is a major mercy.

* I am fully proficient at the Aroma Touch Technique and D is looking forward to having this skill in our home for him to take advantage of regularly!

* We had immediate appointments to show our house in Phoenix to new tenants.  The current ones informed us they are leaving and I stressed out for a minute thinking that I do not have time this month to put my energy toward that project, but after a mind-shift and prayer, it seems things are falling into place easily and quickly. 

* I have awesome people working with me on doTerra stuff.  I am grateful for their generosity, their dedication and for the continual success stories that keep pouring in. 

* We had a wonderful experience at cousin Dakota’s baptism yesterday.  It is so sweet to see the Sprit touch this family and confirm things that have long been questioned. 

* 10 a.m. stake conference.  feels like a lazy morning at home compared to regular 8:30 sacrament meeting. 

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Emily Malinka said...

so if you need willing bodies to practice that Aroma Touch Technique on just let me know... :)