Sunday, April 24, 2011

dance recital, spring 2011


Before the show.


tap, Mambo No. 5.


*video notes:  double click so it opens in a new window, it will load much faster (dad). excuse the excited mom cheering in your ear and the bouncy camera.  the excited mom had another 3-year-old attempting to climb all over her while filming.

Mambo No. 5. Hailey, Lolo, Seneca, Abby, Izzy and Sophie

ballet, Heebie Jeebies


Ballet, Heebie Jeebies.



receiving a rose from her brothers


*photo credits are all D. 


Lindsay said...

so cute!

The Silly Witch said...

Such lovely pictures! I know from experience the lighting at dance recitals is not always the most photography accomodating. I'm truly impressed. And Senny looks like she was having a fabulous time up there.

Torey said...

Too cute!

tenacious d said...

That is adorable! She does look so happy up there. Go Senny!

Debi said...

Oh Amberly Senny's costume is the cutest. She looks adorable. I bet she loves the dancing lessons and performing. I wish you had a video we could see.

Annika said...

How cute is she! Treasures!

DaNae said...

Shake it baby girl. So cute. Reminded me of Cheyanne :)

brenda hatch said...

I love that Seneca is a leader and not a follower! You can tell in the videos.

Tamra said...

That was awesome! I love that the little blond girl next to her just watched her the entire time. :) She did great!