Sunday, May 22, 2011

the celebration

Seneca turns four this week.  We had friends over swimming Saturday to celebrate.

seeing cakeseeing cake3seeing cake4

seeing her cake

seeing cake5

gracie, beckham, cooper, allison, seneca, manda, zach, kiera, sis. carter


the cake


the friends:  beckham, elsie, dallin, kiera, senny


kiera, elsie, gracie

zackscot and livs

zack, scot, livs


this picture is included for beckham’s reaction alone


best picture of the day


sometimes it’s a bummer when it’s not your birthday


don’t worry, he got over it.


Tutz said...

Four years old. Where did the time go? Great princess cake. Be sure Bexter gets one just like it in January! Poor little thing. Great pictures. You are a fun mom.

The Silly Witch said...

Four years old? For real? Senny looks like a doll. I love the bottom two pictures the best of all.

tenacious d said...

Happy birthday, Seneca! She is looking so grown up. I went back and read the story of her birth and how she came to your family. Such a sweet story!

Debi said...

Happy Birthday Senny! That cake was beautiful! Birthdays are always kind of hard on the younger siblings but I'm sure Senny will share and they'll have a fun week together playing with all the new loot.

The Hunt's said...

I can hear the gasp. What an awesome picture. And that cake! LOVE it!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday miss Seneca! Loved catching up with you -- we must do it again soon! xoxo.

kimmalee said...

Those pictures are so precious. Looks like little miss Senny had a great time! I love sweet little Beckham's sad face too. So sweet. Happy Birthday Senny!

Annika said...

Love her facial expressions! Happy Birthday Seneca!

Amber said...

LOVE the last two photos. So cute!

Nancy said...

what a cake!! and i can't believe she's four already! I just re-read your post about how seneca joined your family. I remember when you posted it. i'm so glad i finally got to meet her, albeit shortly, because i have been so interested in her since she joined your family. i love that girl.