Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend: Things I heard

My head trying to decide if I liked certain pieces of furniture enough to buy them or not.  My head had a hard weekend.

Chainsaw on the rose bushes.  Loved that sound.  These bushes are old and you probably already know that I have a hate/hate relationship with them.  Some of their bases are like tree trunks, they are so old and huge.  Denten went at them this weekend and it was awesome.

Kids laughing and playing in the pool.  Lots of “watch me, mom!” 

A certain little girl crying because she snuck candy and made herself sick.  She’s not to young for natural consequences, right?  Hope that lesson sticks because she and I both need  a decent night’s sleep.

Silence as we concentrated intensely on our food that we slipped into a furniture-shopping marathon.

Craziness in the car as we tried to end the furniture-shopping marathon.

Seneca say “he has a baby in his tummy, mom.”  about the delivery guy who was standing right there

Beckham negotiate bedtime.  “Ten more minutes mom, then I will get right in my bed.”

Cooper have a hard time adjusting to spending all day with us.  The whining will get under control pronto. 

Fun conversation with friends while eating great food and swimming.

Loud music as we fill our empty living room with awesome dance parties and all try our new moves.  Beckham’s are the best.  And mine.

Cooper on the piano.  on his own accord.

The kids belting out “Praise to the Man” for FHE on Joseph Smith.  D found old photos of when we visited Nauvoo 7 years ago.  The pics of the places were fun, but not as fun as laughing at mom’s hair in said photos.

After 4.5 days of having dad home, this back-to-work thing is a major bummer, but someone needs to make some new, good money!  And we love him for it. 


Marie said...

Sounds like a fun and busy Memorial weekend! We love Ms Kerry. My son just graduated from her too. I just read Seneca's arrival story, yes the whole thing;-). Read and cried. So sweet! So amazing! You have such a beautiful family.

The Silly Witch said...

We are singing Praise to the Man constantly in this house. I guess it is pretty catchy.