Monday, June 6, 2011


What? It’s been a week since I posted? I know, you thought I died. Well, no, but almost… a few times. Ok, that’s a little dramatic.

Stuff we’ve been doing…

- the Dentist. It has validity at the top of this list, trust me. I’ve been there more times than the gym in the past two weeks. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. Seems a former dentist didn’t do a great job on some work I had done a while ago and there are things that need to be redone… that part is a pain, but I’m grateful to find someone who knows what he’s doing and that I trust to get it right this time around. First up was a crown… my very first one, I tried to be proud. As he drilled Right. Next. to my Nerve. Yep, you could SEE it. Kinda freaks me out a little. Anyway, I’m wearing a temporary and will get the real deal next week. Next item was bleaching, which has been delayed only because when I was younger, I lost the bottom half of one of my front teeth and the composite/bonding situation they used to fix it would not whiten with the rest of my teeth… so first we bleach the rest of them, then we fix that one to match. I was warned about the extreme sensitivity and pain my mouth would feel after the bleaching process, but gratefully it was built up more than necessary and I survived without major incident. So now most of my teeth are whiter than the front one and that will be fixed next week as well. Then we went another time for mr. Coop to have his cleaning and exam. More validation about changing dentists: our insurance has already paid for sealants that we thought were put on his teeth a while ago… come to find out there aren’t any there! That’s a bummer. They have been re?done. And finally, Seneca and Beckham had their turn in the chair this morning. Riding in the big chair, counting teeth, catching sugar bugs, getting prizes from the treasure box, rolling around the office on wheelie chairs, cookies and treats… there is nothing to be feared at the dentist and they can’t wait to go back. Needless to say, we’ve become very comfortable with our new dentist and his staff and we love them!

- the Furniture. The formerly-empty-dance-party room now has actual furniture. More than a black leather bachelor-pad-looing hide-a-bed. A sofa and two chairs at least. And a few other pieces on the way. Picking furniture is a catch-22 for me. I should clarify that I am very grateful to have the opportunity to shop for furniture, I mean we all dream of doing that, right? Until the time comes to actually make decisions. That fit within a budget. And look great in given space. There may have been tears. Denten may have looked at me and said, “are. you. crying?” with a look of unbelief on his face. It was a stressful situation! This is the thing. Are you ready? Sometimes I get pictures in my head of how something will be. And when stuff doesn’t end up fitting the picture in my head, it’s a little hard to adjust. It looked so great in my head! I like the idea we’re working with but the actual pieces and arrangement aren’t fantastic yet, but I’m over the part where it might kill me. Am I sounding spoiled? Please forgive me. I just figure if I’m going to spend actual money on stuff, I want to LOVE it! So, we’re working on that.

- the Demolition: The wretched built-in entertainment center has been demolished. That is the right word seeing as an ax and crowbar were necessary tools for the job. I often wonder what in the world these people were thinking when they did stuff to this house, but anyway, it’s gone now and after a little patching and painting work we’ll be good to go. Except for the matter of missing molding and carpet, but I can’t go there now.

- Swim team has started. It will be sporadic as we are in and out of town, but good practice while we’re here. Summer swim days with friends are also upon us, love that.

- D is in Boise today saving one child or another from “the system.”

- There has been a lot of baseball in the backyard lately. Sad to say, but Beckham has the best swing out of all of us, and connects with the ball most often. He’s a rock star.

- My kids are going to freeze when we go to Utah this summer. We have had our A/C on twice this summer so far for short periods of time… we are getting used to living warm, we’ll have to bundle up when we go north!

- We just finished juicing the first batch of grapefruit... there was a lot of sneaking licking of fingers and fruit as everyone took a turn, it smells so good!


Torey said...

Ahem... I think I need to see some pictures of this fab furniture so that I can live vicariously through you. ;-)

Kelly said...

Your house must be insulated amazingly well to have only turned the AC on twice! We actually think there is no insulation between our garage and the girls' bedrooms right above it -- it's so hot up there even with the AC on.

So, I picked up one of Avery's friends that she met at school today, and I thought she lived maybe near you. So I asked her if she knew you, and she did. Rachel D said she just loves your kids. Oh, it's a small world! And Mesa is looking better and better as I made 4 trips up there today, and school is not even in session!

The Silly Witch said...

I'm with Torey. We need pics of your new furniture. We didn't have that picture in our head, so we will just be impressed. And I've vowed not to get new furniture until the kids stop jumping on and smearing food on my current couch. So please, let me enjoy your beautiful new furniture.