Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a heavy heart


This one got me today.  (thanks ashlee) 

We came home from being out of town to learn that a disturbing incident had occurred Saturday night too close to home while we were gone.  It bothered me to be reminded that while I feel we live in a relatively safe area, the real world is still right around the corner.  I shook it off and moved on, until yesterday when I learned that the victim was a dear friend of mine.  That shook my world right up.  I was sick about it, nothing felt right.  I don’t believe anyone deserves to go through something like that, but it was especially hard that it was her, a sweet, strong woman with a family just like mine.  She serves in the Young Women’s organization in her ward, goes to the gym with me and swaps kids with me during our older kids’ music class.  She was found very close to home- it was all just a little too much for me.  She is home and recovering, her husband is wonderful to manage the kids and take care of her.  While things could have been worse, the fact that it happened at all has been haunting me.  The range of emotions she must be feeling is beyond me and yet I know that she has a peace with her, a sense that everything will be ok, despite an unresolved investigation.  I’m not sure how people get through things like this without a knowledge of a greater picture, without the peace that Christ’s atonement brings.  I’m grateful she has that, and as selfish as it sounds, I’m grateful I do too because while this didn’t happen to me, I have needed a healing balm as well. 

I don’t mean to make any direct correlations between A’s incident and this song.  I can’t assume that she has to go through this to achieve anything in particular.  I suppose it’s my overly emotional current state that made me sensitive to this song, but I thought it was beautiful.

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