Wednesday, June 8, 2011

roadtrip or jet?

laundry is one load away from being done.  kids are packed, I haven’t started.  heading to utah for a quick long weekend, hope I don’t freeze.  it’s not even supposed to reach 80 degrees.  it’s june, for heaven’s sake, there is a problem with that.  thankfully dutch’s dvd player is working properly for the time being and the library supplied us with new books and movies for the road.  as much as I dread long car trips, I actually love that time with Denten.  when else in my life do I get hours of time next to him to talk about whatever I want?  never.  that may be why he dreads them, seeing as he gets an earful of all the things I’ve had on my mind for the past month and a half.  perhaps someday there will be a private jet in my life and we can just hop on and be where we need to be in a jiffy.  that will be awesome.  and now for that last laundry change. 

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The Silly Witch said...

You are amazing. Your kids must be travelling pros, and someday I will be organized enough to flee my home frequently. I love family road trips, too.