Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thoughts I have had today

Wearing jeggings in 108 degree heat is not a good idea.  Even if you think you will be in air conditioning all day, the getting to and from is a little sweaty.

Beckham says, “ah, shucks.”  He also says, “shoot” sometimes, too.   We had a date this morning, visiting teaching and the library.  He was an excellent companion- I could get used to hanging out with just Bex, he’s easy and funny. 

Cooper has many talents, two of which are jump-roping and hula-hooping.  Seriously, the kid can hula hoop for an amazingly long time.  In P.E. he had some girls watching him jump rope and ask him how he did that.  He said they were jealous of him.  I wondered if that was his word or theirs.  He also has been giving me an education regarding fiction, non-fiction and fairy tales. 

Seneca has been learning skills at discovery club (preschool) that have come in handy around here… tools to use when she gets upset.  Today she came to my crying because Beckham had done something or other and I told her to use her big voice and go talk to him about it.  I could hear this calm, controlled conversation take place in the next room and was super grateful for the skills she is learning at club!

If asked directly if Coop likes school, he will often bring up his old school, but listening to him talk about the things he does and books he’s being exposed to, there is no doubt he is enjoying this experience.  And the homework coming home is awesome- seriously fun assignments that we can all participate in and are not a bunch of busy work or pointless worksheets.  The drive is long and waiting in the pick-up line is longer, and if it were a school I didn’t like, I could find all sorts of faults with the system, but it’s totally worth it for me. 

Here are a few books Cooper has introduced to us lately:

One by Kathryn Otoshi.  This is a great story about how one person can make a big difference.  Cooper was excited to share this one with us.
by Kevin Henkel.  This one talks about the importance of one’s name.  There are some fun projects that are associated with this idea. 

Both Cooper and Seneca started music class last week and I wondered if it would be hard to find time to practice with both of them but it has been fun this week introducing new ideas and seeing them catch on quickly.  And poor Beckham, he’s doing it right along side them- he’ll be a pro when it’s actually his turn! 

I rolled my ankle on the first day of climbing school last week.  I was concerned that it would interfere with my climb, but after a day it felt fine.  It hurts again, however, and that is annoying.  I’m ready to get back to the gym and I should probably run a little before Bar Harbor next month, but it is as sore as it was when it happened.  I want to use it, but I’m afraid if I hurt it again it will take a long time to heal.  Oh, bother.  Let’s be honest- if this if the only I have to complain about today, life is pretty good. 

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